Friday, March 14

That Time Skip Made Me Cry

A few months ago, I mentioned to Skip that I needed to win a contest like the Unstoppable Moms one Live with Kelly and Michael was having.  A trip to meet Michael Strahan and a grand prize of $100,000?!  That would be my dream.  Obviously I was just saying this in jest to Skip, and went about my day.

A few days later I came home from the gym and saw Skip furiously typing on the computer.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was working on his nomination of me for the Unstoppable Moms campaign.  I shockingly reminded him that I was just kidding when I mentioned that the other day.  But Skip said he wasn't and thought I deserved to win.

With the nomination, you have to write a little essay on what makes this particular mom unstoppable.  I didn't have the guts to read what Skip wrote about me for a few weeks after he submitted it, but when I finally did, I absolutely had tears in my eyes.  I obviously wasn't a finalist as I'm really nothing more than just an ordinary mom, but knowing how Skip feels about me and what I do?  Well there's no amount of money in the world to top that.

 I am writing in to nominate my wife, Mandy, as an Unstoppable Mom!  My beautiful wife of 8 1/2 years is a stay at home mom who tends to our two adorable daughters, Emmy, 5, and Charlie, 2.  She fills every waking minute of her day keeping our house in order (cleaning, cooking, laundry, yard work) as well as engaging our children in activities both fun and educational.  Using her past experience as an elementary school teacher, Mandy is able to create a wide variety of learning tools and games to make sure that both of our girls have the skills they will need to succeed academically and socially. 

I work in law enforcement and my rotating schedule does not always allow for me to assist or participate in what would otherwise be considered routine dad responsibilities, leaving a vast majority of the home/ child care up to Mandy.  My job has kept me from home many weekends and holidays, leaving Mandy to wrap Christmas gifts, decorate birthday parties, prepare holiday meals, assemble big wheels, you name it.  It is because of Amanda's diligence and self-reliance that I am able to focus on my career and work hard enough to support our family.

An ever diligent bargain hunter, Mandy does all of the shopping for our family and never rests until she finds the best value or bargain for our families purchases.  She also handles all of the banking and bill paying.  I'm pretty much screwed if she ever leaves me to fend for myself!  As if all of the responsibilities that she attacks were not enough, Mandy also finds time most days to keep herself fit with a pretty intense workout routine.  Sometimes the girls get into the action with her and it is not uncommon for me to come home to find that Mandy the mom is temporarily, Mandy the toddler personal trainer! The girls love it, and it’s just another example of how Mandy is such a great role model for our daughters. 

Have I filled an entire Mandy day yet? Not quite.  She also keeps a daily blog,, which she started as a memory keeper for our growing family but which I feel, has grown into a terrific social media tool for other moms and wives all over the country.  It is also through her blog that Mandy has found various charitable organizations which she donates her time and energy to.  She has a terrific soft spot for veteran’s organizations and jumps at the chance to help put together care packages for troops deployed overseas. 

So, in closing, I feel that Mandy exemplifies an Unstoppable Mom!  We were married for a little over three years before we had children.  That whole time I knew that she was everything and more that a guy could hope for in a wife, but she has completely exceeded any expectation I could ever have for a mom and role model for our girls. 


  1. Now I'm crying too. Just beautiful!

  2. That was so awesome! You are loved, not only in spite of your flaws, but appreciated for all that you do!

  3. Oh my I would cry too! You so deserve this, unstoppable Mom!

  4. This is SO nice...I would have been crying too! You deserve it!

  5. Amanda. no words. This is amazing. You already know this but you have a GREAT husband. :) And I wish you won - I wish you clda met Michael! That would be incredible!!

  6. This is incredible to read! Yay for a great husband to complement the wife! (yes, I mean complement not compliment, though he did that too. :) )

  7. *sniffle* that's wonderful! You so should have won!!

  8. Aw how sweet! That's an amazing guy right there!!!

  9. OH my god, that is the sweetest, cutest, most loving and adorable gesture any wife and mama could ever ask for!!! He's one lucky guy and you're a lucky lady, mama! :)


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