Monday, March 10

Monday Mish Mash

Happy Monday everyone!  It's really is pretty happy around here, as today is Skip's first day off...and let me tell you, the break is very much needed.

This weekend was a bit of a struggle around here.  I was sick, again, Skip was barely home at all due to constant work and overtime, and Emmy had school on Saturday.  Yes, you read that right, Saturday.  With all the snow days they've had this year, they had to make them up somehow!  So Saturdays was the solution.  Thankfully Emmy just loves school, so she was more than excited to go.

I really really wanted to cave and order in some take-out on Sunday.  I had a fever and felt really sick, the girls were especially whiny and nothing in the house appealed to me.  I am proud that I stayed strong and resisted!

So sometimes when I spent too much time alone in the house with the girls, I manage to convince myself to make bad choice.  Thursday was one of those days.  I thought this would be a good idea.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to leave my hair alone.  Sadly, the results did not turn out as planned {shocking from a box color I know} and after another trip to CVS, I'm back to dark brown again.  I promise to leave my hair alone until it grows in more! {and I also promise to stop talking about it so much!}

Saturday was a welcome glimpse into spring!  It hit 50* here and I was practically wearing shorts.  Obviously I made the girls play outside all afternoon to get some fresh air.  Sadly, all our snow from the season has yet to melt.  This made playing a little more muddy, very very muddy difficult, but they managed.  Good thing too as it snowed again this morning.

I spent the time trying to shovel some of the snow off the patio, etc.  This proved much harder than I though as this "snow" is really just layers and layers of ice.....fabulous.

I cut Emmy's hair the other day.  My bestie was going to do it for us {she's a hairdresser} but the other night I just couldn't get the comb through the tangles anymore, I decided enough was enough, and started snipping away.  It came out pretty good and Emmy just loves it!  Looks even cuter when it's all curly.

I got to go see Emmy at school the other day for Dino Day!  The whole class sang a few songs about dinosaurs, and then we got to walk around and complete all these dino activities with our kids.  It was so fun!  I love getting to see Emmy in the "school zone" and how she interacts with all her friends!

With Skip gone so much this weekend, there was a lot of "girl time" happening around here.  As tough as it is without him, it's bee nice to have so many snuggles and giggles with my girls!!

I don't understand why people freak out so much when the clocks change.  I mean, it's an hour people.  I've never had any trouble with the girls during it either.  I keep all the same routine the day before, let them wake when they want to on Sunday, then keep the same routine at the new time.  Maybe I'm just lucky?

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!  And if you need a smile, just look at my own personal Charlie in a Box:)


  1. Pics or it didn't happen...:)

  2. We had a day like that today. It was warm enough that we went out and played and we drove around with the moon roof open. But we had muddy shoes and dirty jeans when we got home. A new load of laundry the moment we walked in.

  3. They are growing up SO quickly!! The picture book they are looking at has always been Bryar's favorite!


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