Thursday, March 13

March Miles

Thursday March 6 - none
Friday - 8.6 bike
Saturday - Power Sculpt
Sunday - none
Monday - 3.2 mile run {outside!}
Tuesday - 3.1 mile run {outside!} / abs / arms
Wednesday - none

Weekly Total - 14.9 miles
March Total Miles - 24.2
March workout total - 8

I didn't mean to take off three days this week, but I have been rocking a low-grade fever since Friday and just couldn't do it some days.  I'm not beating myself up though, because for me, working out is a lifestyle, not just a means to an end.  Some weeks are good, and some bad!  I am hoping to be all better soon, and be able to take more of my workouts outside.  Just when I think I'm in really good shape I run some really hilly routes outside and then can't walk for three days after.  Whoops!

Hope you all had a a good week!

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  1. You're doing great! And yay for getting to be able to run outside!!!

  2. I was outside on Tuesday too! So nice to actually be able to wear a t-shirt and shorts and not freeze!


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