Monday, February 18

"Paint It" Kitchen Cabinets

I've very excited to be linking up with Mandy {fabulous name} for today's edition of the Dog Days of Winter...

Today's post is "Paint-It" and if you know me, then I had trouble decided which projected of mine I wanted to blog about.  I constantly have a paintbrush in hand and am attacking another room.  In the almost five years we've lived here I've painted every room in the house at least once:
Living room - 3 times
Play room - 2 times
Dining room - 2 times
Kitchen - 3 times
Nursery - just once
Both bathrooms - just once
Emmy's room - twice
Master bedroom - twice

Obviously I change my mind a lot. 

This past summer though, I wanted to tackle a little something more difficult.  Something to stretch my painting skills a bit more.  And since re-doing my kitchen countertops worked out so well, I decided to tackle the kitchen cabinets.

I did tons of research before hand, and finally settled on using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit.  It was the only one I found that didn't require any sanding...that was reason enough to buy it!

After much debate about white vs dark cabinets, I decided to go with dark brown {Tudor was the color I chose}.  I prefer the look of white cabinets, but since our kitchen is a decent size I didn't need the white to open it up, and I really didn't want something else I was going to have to clean constantly. 

The great thing about the kit I bought {besides the no sanding thing} is that they include almost everything you need.  I only had to purchase a few brushes!

I was able to complete the project in only three days, mainly working at night.  I did not use the optional glaze that came with it, as I don't think it makes much difference with the darker colors.  Because of the way our cabinets are constructed, I also didn't need to take off any of the cabinets, which helped a ton

Now for the pictures, you know we all love a good before and after.

First, this was our kitchen we we first moved in:

Here are the pictures after I redid the counter tops:

And here is the kitchen today!

For the first time in four years I actually love my kitchen!  It's really amazing what a little time and effort will do to a room.  


  1. Very nice restyle the cabinets and counter tops look great!

  2. this is beautiful! i wish i had your ambition and motivation! great job!

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