Thursday, April 5


I have approximately 3.4 minutes left before the girls finish their breakfast and start tearing about the house to finish this blog post, so a stream of consciousness is really all I have time for.

- I have been in a bit of a post-vacation slump recently {and yes I know this is such a first-world problem}  It took the girls some adjusting to getting back into our routine and I think it took me some time as well.  It was just tough to go from the warmth, no responsibilities other than the kids, and the cold, bills, laundry, dirty house etc.

- In order to break away from my rut I decided painting two rooms, a stairwell, and a hallway {all in four days} was a good idea.  Every so often I get the redecorating bug, and this time it was a big one!  I'm love everything I was able to do, and really feel like my house is so much more open and bright now!  There will certainly be pictures and separate posts coming up soon though!

- My friend's son {who is just two weeks older than Baby C} is having surgery on his eye today.  Please keep him in your prayers!

- My baby sister is getting married in June....THIS June!  We have a whirlwind of planning going on and I could not be more excited for her special day!

- Two of my friends are pregnant right with a boy and another with a girl.  I cannot wait to hold those squishy babies!

- Now that vacation and post-vacation distraction painting is done, it's time to get back into our routine.  Spring cleaning and laundry are calling my name!

- It is also time I get back into working out.  I haven't worked out in almost a month people....a MONTH.  I was pregnant last time I went that long without working out!  But today it stops.  No more excuses.  I miss it so and need to find the time to fit it in...I was able to before, so I know I can now!

- I have lots of updates on the girls coming in the next few days.  I swear they will both be going off to college next week. 

- While most of the time I want to crawl into a corner and cry thinking about the fact that my baby will be 1 soon, I do get a little giddy thinking about not having to buy anymore formula again soon!

- I pretty much have everything bought and planned for Baby C's birthday.  It's going to be so fun!

- I'm kind of "eh" about Easter this year.  Little M is super excited though, so I threw some decorations up last night and might even take the girls to see the Easter bunny this year.  As many of my fellow cop wives know, holidays just aren't the same when your hubby works them...every single year.

- My friend Billy told me I should read the Hunger Games trilogy three years ago when he did.  I never got around to it.  But with all the movie hype I thought maybe I should check it out.  OMG drop what you are doing and read them right now if you haven't yet.  It only took me four days to read all three....I read the second in less than 18 hours!  Skip and I need to work on getting a sitter so we can go check out the movie now, especially because I miss the books so much!  I was team Peeta all the way...what about you?

Alright, girls are done and my floors need mopping...what's been on your mind recently??


  1. I am itching to do some painting and it's been less then a year that we had our house painted (when we moved in). I LOVE the idea of not buying any more formula...and Jason and I got out to see a movie last night - the Hunger Games (I just stated the book), while the movie was good the book is way better:-)

  2. All that painting in 4 days? You are crazy. Wanna come visit me and help me when we move?!

  3. I hear ya on the post vacation slump. That is the one thing I hate about coming back-the "this time yesterday/last week I was grabbing my towel for the what."

  4. I NEED to decorate my house, but I am so indecesive on what colors to paint! I am going to post pictures on my blog & Twitter so maybe you can help?!

    I read Hunger Games after you and like a thousand other people said how good the series was. I am on book two now and I am very Team Peeta! :) Have you seen the movie yet?


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