Tuesday, April 3

Farewell Vacation

Tuesday was our final day down in Florida and we decided to make it a low-key one.  After breakfast together, B and his son went off to work and school, and Skip, the girls, and I headed out to do some shopping!  We headed out to the outlets and Skip told me this trip was just about me.  So while he wheeled the girls around keeping them entertained, I was able to wander around, try on clothes, and even purchase a few things for myself.  Shopping alone and for clothes for me is really a luxury these days and I had a fabulous time!

We met up again for lunch and then just headed back to B's house.  We got the girls to actually nap that day and Skip and I just relaxed in the warm Florida sun one more time.

I made dinner for everyone that night as a thank-you for having us.  We then spent the next two hours or so watching Little M and B's son run around the backyard playing together.  They hit it off right away and were totally inseparable any time they were together {I'm not comfortable putting pics of other people's kid on my blog, so it'll just be pics of Little M from that night}  I think B was already planning their wedding as we stood and watched them play!

 Baby C went to bed while the others were playing, but I had to include some pics of her too!

Once we got the kids all settled into bed, we spent one last night on B's patio.  He had a few friends over and we all just sat around talking, drinking, sharing stories, laughing till our sides hurt.  We obviously needed to take a few pictures for memories sake as well!

I may have known B longer, but our vacation was totally bromance time...could barely separate these two!

It was such a wonderful day, and we even had a rainbow send us off that night...just perfection!!

The next morning came too soon and before we knew it, we were loading the last of our things, saying our goodbyes and heading back up 95 towards Jersey.  We miss you Florida....how soon can we go back again??

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