Monday, February 20

I'm Back, Back, Back in the Blogging Groove

So I'm back now...I think.  Well at least partially.  I have to admit the break was nice, to get away, focus more on my family, etc.  I hated being one of those really vague people in my last post, not telling you what was going on.  Cause I don't like when people do stuff like that, because it's normally just for attention.  But a big issue weighing on my heart recently is not my story to tell, so I won't.  I apologize for being so vague.

But this time off from social media has been a refreshing break.  I was able to spend just a little more time with my little family, and really reflect on social media and how I fit into it.  It's really easy to get caught up in all the gossip and drama {who knew moms could be so much like middle school girls?}.  It's also easy to fall into a blogging trap of feeling like you have to post, how many followers do I have, what do my readers want me to write, etc.  But I started this blog to write for ME, to connect to other people {because let's face it, us SAHM's get a little lonely...hence my Twitter obsession these days} to share stories of my girls, projects around the house, recipes, etc.  And that's what I want to get back to. 

So I promise lots more blogging this week and a little more tweeting.  I have tons of stories to fill you in on, such as Valentine's Day with our girls, Little M's incessant 'we go to Mickey's house in March' and oh yeah my SEVEN MONTH OLD {who is 8 months old now} WHO STARTED CRAWLING.  I thought just two kids was exhausting, but two mobile kids?!?! Let's just say I'm pretty sure I don't need to work out again with all the running around I do!


  1. Welcome back..I totally understand:-) I can't believe you have a crawler. Didn't we just have the babies?!

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    The mall is ALWAYS fun place to go eat with little ones!
    I cannot believe that C is already crawling. Time flies by!


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