Wednesday, February 8

How-to Throw a Super Bowl Party

With my Big Blue boys in the Superbowl this past weekend, you had to know that I would be throwing a Super Bowl party!!!  It was just a small gathering with eight of our closest friends.  But with the Giants on, it was one heck of a party!  Now, there are a few key things you need to include if you want a successful Super Bowl party.{I am apologizing for the pictures now...I was in a big rush and a lot of them aren't in focus}

{1} First up? Decorations.  Make sure you team, and football in general is highlighted all around.

Lots of team colors around!

My new CRUUUUUUZ Jersey {from my dad!} and some other Giants shirts hanging in the window

I also had a blue table cloth, and Giants plates and napkins.

{2} Next you need to make sure you have some favors.  Always fun to pass out to your guests!
Blue mardi gras beads

Small soft footballs...perfect for throwing when your team starts losing!

{3} Obviously you need to have a ton of food.  We had chips, pizza, candy, some delicious appetizers and of course, some Giants-specific items:
A giant Giants deli sandwich!  Made by a local pizza place in our town

Cookies and football trophy cakes
Pastry schools should also be able to teach you how to make delicious custom cakes like this one.

More football cake

{4} Dress the part!  Make sure to throw on a team t-shirt or jersey....or at least wear the team colors!  Make sure your guests do the same....adds to the fun!

{5} Facepainting...possibly a little excessive, but again gets you in the spirit!

{6} Have some cute is a team sport and I could not have done it without these cuties!

And that my friends is how you throw a Super Bowl party and successfully help your team become SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!


  1. Party was only missing one thing... .ME! hahaha looked really fun though!

  2. Looooovveeee it mama!!!! You rock!!! What a way to celebrate our boys becoming super bowl champs!!!!! Yeahhhh!!!

  3. OMG, the girls in their Giants gear gets me EVERY time!!! xo!


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