Friday, February 24

Fur Baby Friday

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues for Fur Baby Friday!!

My two sweet pups do not get enough facetime on here, so I'm pretty excited to do a post just for them!

First up is my rarely-seen {by the blog and by me honestly} pup Shiba.  She is a Shiba Inu {I know, real original on the name...what can I say, it suited her!}  Shiba Inus are a Japanese dog and are kind of like miniature Akita's.  She's only 14lbs full grown.

Shiba is seven years old.  Skip and I bought her back in April 2005 right after he got back from Iraq and just before we got married.  She was our first baby and we loved her so much {still do don't worry}

Shiba is pretty much the weirdest dog I've ever met though.  She's more like a cat.  We can leave a bowl of food out for her and she will just pick at it when she's hungry.  She hates taking walks {which made it fun at the condo when we had to walk her} and all she wants to do is hide.

Seriously, she spends most of her day upstairs in either the nursery or our room, hiding behind doors and in corners. 

She hates pretty much everyone and everything except my little sis and chips....those are her two favorite things ever.

 She really is like the weirdest dog ever, but I wouldn't trade her for anything else in the world!

 And sure she might be the world's worst watchdog, but when she snuggles up with me in bed?  Best thing ever. 

My second fur-baby.  None other than the one and only Mr. B!

Mr. B is an English bulldog we got when he was only 7 weeks old back in July 2008.  I was pregnant with Little M at the time.  He was soooo tiny!

This is the first picture we ever saw of him!  We got him from a breeder in Ohio so we didn't see him until we brought him home. 
Seriously, I could not believe he was that little.
Obviously we had to get a bulldog...Marine Corps mascot!
This was his first day home.  Look at him compared to Shiba!

I wasn't sure that adding another dog right before a baby was the best idea we'd ever had, but this little guy wormed his way into my heart immediately.

Mr. B is the most loving, lazy, stinky dog I have ever met.  He does get a little nudgy and likes to chew things.  But other than that he's awesome.  All he wants to do all day is find a little piece of sun and pass out for hours.

He's not that into exercise, but will take walks with Skip.  He just loves the girls and they love him right back.  I'm so happy they have a real tough and tumble dog to grow up with. 

Mr. B and Little M when she was a baby!
At 48lbs he's actually on the smaller size of bulldogs....which makes him believe he's a lapdog!  He's totally good natured and puts up with a lot from us.

The Giants didn't lose a game when he wore this shirt!
He is a pretty good watchdog and a total love all at the same time.  As tough as having two kids and two dogs is, I wouldn't trade this little love nugget for anything either!


  1. What sweeties!!! :) I love this post! - I wondering why Shiba didnt have too much face-time on F.. now I know why! How funny!! :) they are gorgeous!

  2. I was just telling everyone at work last night that we hands down have the best dogs of anybody I know.

  3. the picture of Shiba on the floor by the dresser kills me! at least she finds it comfy :)

  4. So cute!! I've never heard of a Shiba Inu before but now I want one :) Reminds me of my dog Joey (he's the same way except for the hiding part).

  5. Love that shiba is a shy baby. They both are so sweet, love it. Thank you so much for linking up!

  6. I think I would feel a bit mean too after that experience. I could just imagine the liberties Mr. Potato head took. (Hugs)Indigo
    English Bulldog Puppies


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