Friday, October 17

Five on Friday

I decided to keep it easy this morning and join in on the Five on Friday fun!!

{one} Thank you all so much for the love on yesterday's post!  It's nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and tell people you're doing something, when you very well could fail at it.  But who knows, maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones!  And in case you're wondering what writing a book looks like, this is now how I spend as much of my day as I can:

Why yes I am hand writing the whole thing first, then going back and typing it up...that's just how my brain works.

{two} I'm totally obsessed with my compression sleeves recently.  I was always pretty skeptical of how good they actually works, but I am absolutely a convert.  I wear them at night for recovery and will wear them running on long runs.  If you're getting into running longer distances, definitely invest in a pair!

{three} I distressed a pair of jeans yesterday and I'm pretty excited with the way they turned out.  Though I'm concerned that this look is only good for those in the sub-21 years...32 is the new 17?!

{four} Speaking of which, I turn the dreaded 32 on Sunday.  I actually have really liked being 31, so I just don't want to upset the balance.  Also I prefer odd numbers to even.  I am very excited for all the celebrating though.  Tomorrow we're going to go to the beach to visit my parents and older sister.  Then we'll spend time with just our little family on Sunday during the day.  At night Skip is getting a bunch of food and around 15 of our friends are coming over to celebrate and watch football.  Let the partying begin!!
Found this pic of my college roomie and I on our joint birthday....TEN years ago!!

{five} Skip has a four day weekend and that's pretty much the best gift ever.  I cannot wait to spend a of quality time with these three.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Thursday, October 16

An Intimidating New Venture

I've been going back and forth for weeks as to whether or not I wanted to write this post.  It's hard to put things out there in the world sometimes.  But hey, why not right?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've been working on something, something that's been keeping my busy and forcing me to really try and manage my time with all my other responsibilities {which I'm actually failing at regularly}.  Well I'm finally ready to share what that something is.  I'm writing a book.  A novel to be more exact.

This is something I have wanted to do {and have started and stopped a million times} since I was ten years old.  About two months ago I decided enough was enough and I was just going to do it.  I had a basic story in mind and I decided it was time to start procrastinating.

I'm now 63,000 words in and absolutely in love with the whole process.  It's been hard, don't get me wrong, but I love everything about it.  I would just love if I could make this my next career.  Sitting at home in my pajamas, getting lost in a story of my own creation, sharing it with the world.

But I'm getting ahead of myself there.  I've already taken a class on how to get a book published, and let me tell you, based on that the easy part will be actually writing the thing. I'm trying not to let the process intimidate me.

For right now, I'm just focusing on my story, which I vacillate between loving and hating about every 5 seconds.  I'm pushing through and getting through the whole first draft in one shot.  Then I'll go back to edit it later.

The book is nothing like what I write about on here.  Creative writing has always been my passion and I'm excited to finally be working on it more.  The book is a love story, and I really like the direction it's taking.

So that's what I've been up to these days.  Between that, stepping up my running, and of course the usual child-rearing, house-care, and wifely duties, I'm spread pretty thin.  The next time I get more than 6 hours of sleep will be amazing.  It's like I'm working again, but not getting paid for it, haha.  I'm trying to keep up with this space here as I love having a record keeper of our lives, but it is the one thing falling by the wayside these days.  But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, October 15

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another week of workout Wednesdays!  I hope some of you are inspired to link up this week!

Here is what I have been up to the past week:
Wednesday October 8: 3.5 mile run
Thursday: none
Friday: 8 mile run
Saturday: 4.2 mile run
Sunday: Shred level 2
Monday: one week Shred {weights section}
Tuesday: 5.2 mile run

Weekly miles - 20.9
Monthly total - 32.4
Weekly total workouts: 6
Monthly total - 11

I took on less rest day this week than last, and my mileage was a little higher.  I still feel like I'm struggling with motivation.  Even once I get out there I'm having a tough time doing longer runs.  Maybe if I finally clean up my eating habits a little bit it'll help!

Am I the only one who goes through a workout funk?

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Friday, October 10

New Fall Finds

We are officially knee deep in fall {in case you missed someone posting a picture of a PSL on Instagram}.  It's no secret that I attempt to cling to summer as long as I can.  But with highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's, I think I'm finally going to have to put away the flip flops.

To ease the blow of the cooler temperatures, I always treat myself to a few new things to add to my wardrobe.  {By the way this is not a sponsored post, just things I bought recently that I'm loving!}  Kohls and Target have been my go-to places recently when I need clothes.  Almost every day in the fall, I can be seen in some combination of the follow: tall boots, skinny jeans, tank top, cardigan or tunic, scarf.  I know, pretty much what most women my age are wearing these days...but there's a's so cute and comfy!  I wanted to add a few tops in my wardrobe this year to help change things up a little.  Here are the pieces I got!


I actually got this in a deep purple color


All of these can be found on their websites in the juniors department.

Who else gets a few things to update their wardrobe in the fall?  What are your favorite fashions right now?

Wednesday, October 8

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another week of workout Wednesdays!  I hope some of you are inspired to link up this week!

Here is what I have been up to the past week:
Wednesday October 1: 5 mile run
Thursday: none
Friday: 45 minute walk {I didn't track the mileage}
Saturday: 6.5 mile run
Sunday: Shred level 1
Monday: none
Tuesday: 1 week Shred {weights section}

Weekly miles - 11.5
Weekly total workouts: 5

I struggled a bit with working out as you can see.  I hurt my knee last Wednesday, so it was good to take a little time off.  I'm glad I worked out most days, but I definitely didn't push myself as hard as I have been.  Skip has been working some strange hours and while I have been good in the past about finding time to for me to workout, I got pretty lazy with it this week.  I'm hoping to really kick it back up a notch this week!

What helps you when you struggle for workout motivation?

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Mommy Musings
Mommy Musings


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