Thursday, September 18

Discipline vs Abuse

There has been a lot of talk recently about child abuse and child discipline in light of a certain football player who beat his child.  And this is a topic I just couldn't stay quiet about.  First off, let me reiterate the facts first.  What Peterson did to not one, but two of his sons, was beat them.  That is not discipline.  That is not correcting their behavior.  When you break the skin on your child, that is abuse and should be treated as such.

What happened to those two little boys is horrifying.  They had defensive wounds on their hands. And the absolute worst part of this whole thing is that Peterson hasn't denied it, He says that he didn't want to have to discipline his kids, but they brought it on themselves. They were four years old!!  Do four year olds need to be disciplined?  Absolutely.  Do they need to be beaten? hit? Nope, not at all.

Now, while there are some people standing up for Peterson's actions, most people are just as disgusted as I am.  But sadly we differ on a few key points.  I have seen a lot of people say that the fact that he broke the skin on his child's body was wrong, but that he beat him with a switch is understandable.  I have heard plenty of people say that they were physically disciplined as a kid, and so it's fine to do it to their own children.

Hold up a second.  It's 2014.  We live in America.  People still hit their kids?!?  Their kids.  Those tiny little miracles that depend on you for everything.  People hit them with their hands, and other objects, and it's acceptable?!?   Call me na├»ve, call me ignorant, but when this story first came out I had to ask my husband what a switch was...because I'd never heard of one.  Why?  Because I was never once hit as a kid, nor would I ever lay a hand on my kids.

I believe strongly in disciplining children.  I think they need consequences and guidance on how to act.  My girls are being raised in a pretty strict household, as were my sisters and I.  And none of us were ever smacked, or spanked.  No one will ever lay a hands on my girls.  There are so many better ways to discipline. 

I believe any time someone hits, smacks, spanks, etc. a child it is abuse.  Every single time.  There is no reason for it, and this is something that should no longer go on behind closed doors.  This is not a private matter of something you do in your own home.  You are abusing your child. 

Don't tell me it's fine because it's accepted in your area of the country.
Don't tell me you were hit and you turned out fine {you obviously didn't if you hit your kids}
Don't tell me it's okay if it doesn't break the skin {I'm pretty sure Ray Rice's wife didn't have any open wounds on her it okay what he did to her?}
Don't tell me the kid won't remember it, because they absolutely will.
Don't tell me nothing else will work if you don't hit them, because if you were disciplining them from the time they were little, they would never need a smack. 

I really don't like the comedian Louis CK, but I saw this on Pinterest and it really sums up all of this:

He's right.  How is it okay to hit our kids?  We teach them not to hit their friends...we teach little boys not to hit girls...we teach them not to hit the family pet.  But we turn around and hit them?  And that's acceptable?!

Well it needs to I hope that this Peterson scandal opens up discussions across the country.  I hope laws become stricter and punishments harder for people who hit their kids.  I hope people take a moment and look into their children's and think about the irreparable damage they are doing to them.  I hope we stand up as a country and say this won't go on anymore.   Hitting a kid is not teaching them right from wrong.  It is abuse, period. 

Wednesday, September 17

Workout Wednesdays

Welcome to another week of workout Wednesdays!  Have you ever seen someone in the blog world in really great shape and wondered what they do to look that great?  Ever struggling for motivation or fresh new workout ideas?  That's what I want this space to be for.  So come link up your workouts with me!

Here is what I have been up to the past week:
Wednesday: None
Thursday: None
Friday: None
Saturday: 5 mile run / ab roller
Sunday: 6.5 mile run {1 mile PR 7:38 / 5K PR 26:08}
Monday: Tabata workout / ab roller
Tuesday: 4 mile run

Weekly total miles: 15.5
Monthly total miles: 43.3
Weekly total workouts:4

I was feeling pretty under the weather in the beginning of the week, and also a little burnt out on running, so I took a few days off.  It's important to know when to push yourself, and also when to take a break. 

One of the biggest things I've learned recently about fitness is if you really want to push yourself, one of the best ways to do that is to find someone to challenge you.  It can be a trainer or a friends.  A friend of mine and I have been challenging each other in fitness goals recently.  50 miles in two weeks, bettering our 5k times, and now working out every day for the rest of September.  I always thought I pushed myself pretty hard, but now I've really stepped up my game.  So find someone to push you and get out there!!

Mommy Musings

Don't forget to come link up!!

Tuesday, September 16

Tuesday Mish Mash

We were all under the weather this weekend, some more than others.  Skip and I headed to bed early on Friday because we both had bad colds.  Emmy woke up when we got upstairs rocking a fever of 103*.  Awesome.  Thankfully my illness has just stayed a cold, but Skip developed a fever and a sore throat and cough.  Emmy still had a fever yesterday, so she was out of school and will be as well tomorrow.  Charlie had actually been the best out of all of us, though she would sporadically get a fever of 99* or 100*.  But then when I went to check on her last night...her temp was at 102*.  Looks like we're not done with this illness just yet.  I was disappointed we had to cancel plans and just stay in all weekend, as it is like one of two weekends Skip is off until December.  But at least we were able to just relax and get better.  Hopefully everyone gets better soon!!

We had to get Charlie's stitches removed yesterday and it was about as traumatic as getting them put in.  I was wrong, I definitely think she had more than four stitches.  We never officially asked, but she had internal as well as external stitches.  The external ones were the ones that had to be removed.  I think there was at least three or four he took out.  They had to restrain her in the straight jacket thing again, as well as a nurse, Skip and I holding her down.  I started to feel like I was going to pass out at one was so hard to see her in pain...but we all survived.  Thankfully all the swelling and almost all the bruising is gone and she's healing nicely.  We'll have to go back in a few weeks and have the progress checked.

I don't even want to talk about the Giants game on Sunday.  Everyone was terrible and it was just a bad loss.  Emmy said it was rude that they lost.  I agree.

Poor Charlie has been rocking a staph infection on and off since the beginning of April.  It's about as awesome as it sounds, for both of us.  We have been trying to keep it at bay for weeks now with daily baths with epsom salts and a medical body wash, constant bed washings, lots of bleach, and everyone only using a towel and wearing clothes once before washing them.  My entire day feels like it's filled with laundry.  I don't mind doing it though if it works.  Fingers far so good!

The girls have fallen in love with using the headphones we got them for our road trip this summer.  I am equally in love.  Any less noise in this house is a good thing.

The more Whole30 posts I see, the more candy I eat.  Watching people have the willpower to eat totally healthy makes me lose mine completely.  Eh, life is too short to not eat bread.

I'm running my first 5K this weekend and I'm equal pars nervous and excited.  I just don't really know what to expect, or even if I'll enjoy racing.  I'm doing it with my baby sis who is a racing expert, so I know it'll be a good time!

On 9-11 we took the girls out for ice cream after dinner.  It was Skip's idea and the perfect to spend that day.  We have had way too many reminders of how short life is, and we are always conscious about taking advantage of time together.  We pretty much never take the girls out after dinner, so they were beyond excited.  I love moments like this together.

It's a good thing we went too, because fall hit hard here this weekend.  70's during the day and 50's and some 40's at night.  I'm so not ready.  I already miss summer.  If you need me I'll be huddled under a blanket counting down the days until May.

I occasionally still mourn the lack of a newborn in our house, but I have to say, the girls getting older is nice.  They're way more independent and able to help around the house.  It's nice to make food we can all eat and that everyone can walk up the stairs by themselves.  Charlie still throws her fair share of tantrums in public, but outings are getting much easier as well. I also absolutely love getting to have real conversations with both of them.  This older age isn't so bad after all.

Hope everyone is having a great week, and don't forget to link up tomorrow for Workout Wednesday!!  I'd love to see what you've all been doing!!

Wednesday, September 10

Workout Wedesday....Link Up!!

So I mentioned something in passing about this earlier in the month and today I decided to just go for it and launch a Workout Wednesday link-up!!  Anyone with Nike+ or Run Keeper knows what a motivator it is to see what kind of workouts your friends are doing during the week.  If I see someone passing me on miles, or working out an extra day, it motivates me to push myself harder.  There also have been times that I've seen someone in really good shape and wondered what they do to look like that.  And that is what I'm hoping to do with this link up.  I want this place to be a weekly motivator and a place for all of us to share our favorite workouts!

Monday September 1 - none
Sept. 2 - 4.3 mile run
Sept. 3 - 2.2 mile run
Sept. 4 - 5.5 mile run
Sept. 5 - none
Sept. 6 - 1 week Shred {weights portion}
Sept. 7 - 8 mile run / 1.5 mile walk
Sept. 8 - 5.1 mile run
Sept. 9 1.3 mile jog / 1 week Shred {weights portion}
Weekly Mileage - 27.9
Number of Workouts -7

I have also been using the old school ab roller {don't laugh, it really works!} every other day.  I am definitely seeing a difference.

So here's the deal.  Write a post about all the workouts you've been doing this month...running, classes, workout DVD's...list it all!  Then grab my button and come link up!! I can't wait to see what everyone has been doing this month!!  Also, feel free to us the hashtag #workoutwednesdaywithmommymandy on Twitter and Instagram!

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