Friday, October 31

Halloween Flashback

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Here's a little flashback of some Halloween past...

Hope you all have a spooky good day and get to eat a lot of candy!!

Thursday, October 30


I'm not sure if anyone even noticed yesterday, but I'm putting my Workout Wednesday link-up on hold for a bit.

For a few weeks I had a pain in my right foot when I would run.  Nothing crazy, but a little annoying.  Well sadly is seemed to get worse and since last week it's been a constant pain. I had foot surgery a few years ago, so I'm going to go see my podiatrist today to see what's been going on.  I've still been working out a bit, though it's been making it worse, so I fear a workout break is in my future. 

I'm pretty bummed about it because I just got brand new sneakers and a heart rate watch and I was really looking forward to pushing myself more.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see what the doctor says.

But until then Workout Wednesday will be on hold for a bit.

Happy Cabbage Night everyone!  {well everyone in Jersey at least!}

Tuesday, October 28

Fall Things

Our little family got to participate in some fun fall activities the past few days.  On Saturday our town held it's annual Ragamuffin parade.  All the little kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and we go parading down the main street.  It is as cute as it sounds.

Yesterday we finally decided it was time to get pumpkins to carve before Thanksgiving.  We've been to a few farms this season, but had yet to grab any pumpkins.  The squirrels in our neighborhood are vicious {as is the groundhog who's eaten almost all our mum flowers} and so we wanted to wait as long as possible before we got them.

It actually worked out perfectly as we basically had the farm to ourselves!  Guess no one procrastinates like us.  We got to see the animals, walk through the hay maze, and have our pick of the pumpkins.

I can't wait to carve them together sometime this week.

I may not like the fall and the cooler weather it brings, but I do love these fun family activities together!

Friday, October 24


I've seen this on a few blogs before and thought it was cute, so I decided to snag it for this rainy Friday!


reading: Nothing!  Actually that's only because I just finished If I Stay by Gayle Forman late last night.  So good, but so sad and gave me nightmares.  Up next is Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer's book.

writing: This...and my novel. 

listening: The Today Show...and Pingu because that's what Charlie is watching.

thinking: I cannot believe how big Charlie is these days.  She is getting so tall, and is way more little girl than toddler!

smelling: My amazing coffee....hazelnut coffee mixed with salted caramel mocha creamer.

wishing: To go back to Disney....I swear they pump something into the air that makes you want to keep going back!

hoping: The rain finally stops today.  It's been raining for days and it's really starting to get old.  I am so much less productive when it's raining than when it's sunny!

wearing: Grey pajama pants and a black hooded sweatshirt from the day camp I used to work at.

wanting: To find time to watch Scandal with Skip before he goes to work..normally we stay up and watch it after Thursday night football, but we were both too tired last night.

loving: All the snuggles and kisses Charlie is giving me right now.  She decided to come eat her breakfast on my lap and I am just loving it.

needing: To finally finish this and get a start on the laundry!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, October 22

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another week of workout Wednesdays!  I hope some of you are inspired to link up this week!

Here is what I have been up to the past week:
Wednesday October 15: 3.1 mile run
Thursday: none
Friday: 6.2 mile run
Saturday: none
Sunday: Shred level 2
Monday: 4.4 mile run
Tuesday: 2.1 mile run / weights

Weekly miles - 15.8
Monthly total - 48.2
Weekly total workouts: 5
Monthly total - 16

Well my workout funk continues.  Obviously I'm doing something, but I was so motivated in August and September and I've lost that drive to keep pushing myself to go farther and do more.  Here's hoping I can really buckle down and find that this week!

What are your favorite workouts?

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